wirmachenwelle e.V is a nonprofit association that helps young people to become active, happy and healthy adults. By practicing sports, and especially through surfing, the kids learn to pursue their dreams and to “make waves” in their lives in a confident, brave and respectful way. 


For several years, the big-wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner accompanied the initiative “Break away” of the sports instructor Jürgen Weis. He has been going surfing with a group of students to Portugal once a year. The enormously positive effect of the waves on the students is evident. 
Inspired by this project and many others that Sebastian was able to visit throughout the world as a Laureus Sport-For-Good Ambassador, Sebastian decided to give young people who are growing up under difficult conditions a chance to take advantage of the positive effect of practicing sports. 

This idea was given practical shape through founding the nonprofit association wirmachenwelle e.V. in June 2017.


We support young people so that they can make a big wave in their own lives. 

We are working for a future in which troubled kids get the chance to become empowered adults and active parts of society. 


“Was mich erfolgreich macht sind meine Einstellung und meine persönlichen Fähigkeiten. Ich bin selbstbewusst, glaube an meine Träume und kämpfe dafür mit der nötigen Disziplin. Der Sport hat mir aber auch beigebracht geduldig zu sein und positiv zu denken. Ich bin ein Teamplayer, stehe immer wieder auf und mache weiter und motiviere mich selbst und mein Team”.

“What makes me successful is my attitude and my personal abilities, I am self-confident, believe in my dreams and fight with the necessary discipline, but the sport has also taught me to be patient, positive and to always keep on going while motivating myself and my team”.

These are the kind of abilities which are developed surf therapy. 

That is why we know that sport, and in particular surfing, represents a real change in the life of children and teenagers. It provides support, encourages and increases self-esteem. Respect, discipline and a sense of community also help to make positive decisions in other areas, for example at school or at work.

These guiding principles unite us.


  1. With the wirmachenwelle programme, we are promoting the positive development of teenagers in Germany, the UK and Austria.
  2. We collect data that is able to capture the positive effect of surfing in order to make it more tangible. 
  3. We coordinate closely with other projects that pursue similar objectives.
  4. We create the wirmachenwelle-community which ensures a long-term support.


  • Long-term partnerships
  • Learning organisation
  • Results-based planning and implementation
  • Global networking and exchange
  • Dedicated team

⇒ If you are interested in our programme, have questions or suggestions, please send us an email: kontakt@wirmachenwelle.org



Sebastian Steudtner

Founder of wirmachenwelle e.V.

The water and the waves have taught me to be brave and hardworking, to believe in myself and to fight for my dreams. The effect of the waves is undeniable for me and for science. Practicing sports supports and encourages the development of positive values and abilities. I founded the wirmachenwelle e.V. in order to enable as many young people as possible to benefit from surf therapy and to help them to make something out of their lives.

Johanna Steudtner

Coordination and Management

As part of the wirmachenwelle team, I am responsible for the successful planning and implementation of our activities. For me, it is important for to offer a program based on effectiveness. I am convinced that the kids will find support through practicing sports and through being part of the wirmachenwelle-community, and that we will really make a difference!


Charlotte Dawirs (MSc)

Project management and Monitoring

Efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and innovation are the pillars of a sustainable organisation.
I believe it is crucial to exchange ideas with other projects as well as to collect data in order to quickly recognize problems and learn from mistakes.
I am proud to be part of a young, motivated team and I am convinced that our programme has the potential to make a lasting impact.