wirmachenwelle is a non-profit organisation. Our work includes three different areas, with a main focus on the first section: (1) the implementation of the wirmachenwelle programme. In addition, we (2) exchange ideas with similar projects worldwide and work closely with selected partners and networks. Finally, (3) effectiveness and research form the third area of activities. As a learning organisation, we strive to work closely with academic institutions to monitor and evaluate the impact of our work.


We implement our programme within the framework of local cooperations throughout Germany.
We cooperate closely with other institutions (i.e. foundations and special schools), which are responsible for implementing the activities within the local project.
We create synergies with existing initiatives (areas: SUP, skateboarding, swimming and boxing).
We work in long-term partnerships.
Our programme runs throughout the year and consists of a preparatory phase (approximately 9 months) and an adjoining “Adventure Week” in other European countries. During the preparation time, the kids (11 – 17 years old) practice different sports such as swimming, skateboarding, stand-up paddling and Muay-Thai. The participants also learn to prepare themselves mentally, to stay calm in the water by breathing properly and to be there for each other.

The Adventure Week takes place at the end of the school year in Portugal. This is when all the wirmachenwell-kids come together and go surfing every day. We also go on trips and events, the kids participate in beach clean-ups and learn about the ocean as well as other cultures.

Project: Nuremberg, Germany

Since September 2017, we cooperate with the Paul-Moor-School (Special Education Center) in Nuremberg. 10 kids and 3 supervisors participate in our programme in Nuremberg. The kids have recently completed the swimming course and have been awarded the “German Swimming Badge in Bronze”.

Project: Traben-Trarbach

We cooperate with the Marin-Luther-King school from Traben-Trarbach. A total of 8 children from this special school are part of our project. It is thanks to the dedication of the sports teacher Jürgen Weis that, every year, a select group of young people come to the surf camp in Portugal. We are happy to have been able to support this year’s group with paddle boards and life jackets.

Project: Hamburg

In cooperation with the Regional Education and Counseling Center (Regionalen Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum – ReBBZ) Harburg, we launched the third wirmachenwelle project in Germany in March 2018 in Hamburg. A total of 8 ReBBZ kids and 2-3 supervisors will come to Portugal for Adventure Week 2018.

Projekt: Paul-Moor-Schule Nürnberg

Projekt: Martin-Luther-King Schule

Projekt Hamburg Schule Schwarzenbergstraße

Projekt Wien: Kooperation Schneetiger


Even before officially launching the NGO, we had been actively exchanging ideas with other youth projects focused on sports. We are working very closely with two initiatives, both of which have many years of experience in youth projects and surfing. Exchaning ideas with them has been exciting and we particularly appreciate that they provided their know-how and helped us to develop the wirmachenwelle programme.

Proving the positive effect surfing has on the kids is important to us. That’s why we promote research projects and knowledge exchange worldwide.

Projekt „Break Away“

Break Away ist ein jährlich in Portugal stattfindendes Projekt der Martin-Luther-King-Schule. Ziel ist es, die soziale und emotionale Entwicklung der Schülerinnen und Schüler zu fördern. Die Stärkung  des Gemeinschaftsgefühls ist dabei besonders wichtig. Dabei setzt das Projekt sowohl auf das gemeinsame Erlernen des Wellenreitens als auch auf das Erleben einer anderen Sprache und eines anderen Kulturkreises.

Waves for Change

Die Initiative Waves for Change arbeitet an verschiedenen Standorten in Südafrika und Liberia. Dort wird ein Programm bereitgestellt, das Kindern und Jugendlichen aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen Surftherapie ermöglicht. Durch das Herstellen von einem sicheren Umfeld mit festen Ansprechpartnern, lernen die Teilnehmer heilende Beziehungen aufzubauen, mit Stress umzugehen und positive Entscheidungen zu treffen.


“Sport has the power to change the world”
Nelson Mandela, 2000

And the fact that sport has the power to positively change the life of adolescents is proven by the many projects that help young people worldwide to live a better life.
The positive effect of nature and above all water both on the body and mind, has also been proven for years. Anyone who has ever stood on a surfboard, knows that feeling of freedom and happiness. Worldwide, there are different initiatives that have specialized in empowering and helping others through surfing.

Examples include:

Our projects are driven by the question of their impact – from the planning phase through the implementation to evaluation. With a monitoring system developed in cooperation with our project partners, we accompany every initiative from the beginning. The external project support in the course of the project contributes to a systematic recording of our impact.

We see ourselves as a learning organisation.